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Solar Flag Pole Light 30 LED
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Product Specs:
  • DISPLAY YOUR PRIDE in all its dazzling glory for years to come with the brightest, long-lasting and easy-to-use solar flagpole light that you can buy today!
  • BRIGHTEST 30 LED HONOR the Old Glory: An upgraded model with 30 brighter energy efficient bulbs VS. 20 LED or 26 LED provides better brightness to your flag.
  • UPGRADED SOLAR PANELS: Eleven big solar panels collect more sun power to be transformed by more photovoltaic cells into electricity for show time!
  • LAST THROUGH THE NIGHT: Powerful built-in 2200mAh batteries store sufficient energy for whole night use. Up to 10 hours working time after a full sunny day of charge.
  • ON/OFF: Be sure to turn the light on by pushing ON/OFF button before installation. Then it will be AUTO ON at dusk and OFF at dawn. Pls note the gold ornament ball NOT included.

Honor the Old Glory and Display your Pride!

The star-spangled banner wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave!
  • - 30 bright LEDs support up to 10 Hours Show Time at night. 
  • - 11 pcs of solar panel  transform more solar energy into electricity. Illuminate your flag when dusk appears. 
  • - Apply to most standard 15 - 25 ft flag poles with a 1/2"-thick rod at top.
  • - Min. Length of ornament shaft or rigged bolt required to go through our light: 1.75 in
  • - Width of hole to fit through ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 0.5 in
Remember the ON button before installing. You may face down or cover the solar panel to make sure its on. If there is light, it's ON. If not, please press the button once.

Versatile Solar Lights for Various Occasions

Solar Light comes with carabiner, which can be hung as a night light.


Diameter: 21.7cm/8.54in
Thickness: 3.5cm/1.38in
Hole: 1.5cm/0.6in

Use Tips for Max Performance:
1. Remove the film on the solar panel and set it ON before using.
2. Please keep the solar panel clean and locate where it can get sunlight maximum.
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