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Oyke Perfect Microprocessor of Germany Technology
Oyke NEW Blackhead Remover with Cold / Hot Compress and Three Kinds of Light Relieving Skin Compared with the old version, the new oyke blackhead remover multi-probe is more suitable for people with different parts and different skin types.

8 Different Cosmetic Probe Adapt to Different Skin Types
Oryke comedone extractor has 8 different sizes of probes with different suctions to suit different skin types. Please change the probe from small to big to find a suitable one when using it.

Cold / Hot Compress
Using hot and cold pore vacuum, which will make it easier to remove the blackheads and tighten your skin.

Cosmetic Lamp for More Comprehensive Care of Your Skin
Red: 620 nm wavelength, it softens the skin and restores skin elasticity.
Green: 530 nm wavelength, it brightens skin and leaves skin hydrated.
Blue: 450nm wavelength, it inhibits skin secretion and tightens pores.
1.Do not use the pore vacuum on scarred or sensitive skin and fragile skin, such as the chin, corners of the mouth and corners of the eyes.
2.Please move the blackhead remover and forth instead of pulling up and down.
3.Advise to use it twice a week, and please do not use it more than 5 minutes each time, overuse will may cause damage to your skin.
4.Please use the low level suction at the first time use. When it’s working, it’s better to move suction head contrary to the direction of pores growth.Please Don’t stay on Same place too long (3 second) to prevent red and purple skin.
5.Please try to open your nose pores with this machine or hot towel, steam first, so that it’s convenient to adsorb the blackheads. Shrink your pores with this device or moisturizing Essence.

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